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Wayne Salazar 15Wayne Salazar 15 

Desperately Seeking Coder to Write Test Class

I have no coding knowledge. Salesforce Support provided a solution to an issue involving a flow; hidden code in the Salesforce Billing managed package was preventing the flow's execution. The solution includes apex code for a new class and two triggers. I created them in sandbox and they work great. Now, to deploy to production, I need someone to write unit tests. I'm under great time constraints and haven't got time to learn Apex right now. Would anyone be willing to tackle this for us? Someone looking for practice, perhaps?
Vivek NayakVivek Nayak
Can you send me your classes and triggers. My github username is vrngit. I can try 

Wayne Salazar 15Wayne Salazar 15
Hi -- I just created a GitHub account and sent a pull request with an @ mention to you -- hopefully I've done it correctly. Please let me know if you don't get it. Thanks so much! *Wayne Salazar* Salesforce Administrator THE FUTURE PERFECT NY | SF | LA www.thefutureperfect.com
Wayne Salazar 15Wayne Salazar 15
Hi Vivek, have you had a chance to look at what I sent?