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Swiderski, ErikSwiderski, Erik 

Enhanced list view in embedded vf page. How to open link to parent page?

As we all now, the default "My Tasks" list view on the Salesforce Classic home page doesn't allow customization of the columns. I put together a simple visualforce page with an enhanced listview to display a list view of tasks with the columns needed. In fact, this is the entire code of the page: 

<apex:page >
    <apex:enhancedList type="Activity" height="360" rowsPerPage="10" listid="00Bj0000003mMkE" />

My only frustration at this point is that when a user clicks a link in the list view, specifically to open a related record, or even the task record itself by clicking on the subject, it opens in the embedded visualforce page. I understand why this happens, but is there a way to make the links navigate the parent page to the url instead of only the embedded page?