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Lead Object Sharing Settings issue

Hi All,
My requirement is share the leads owned by specified business Division SalesReps to other sales reps.
Below are my settings:
1. OWD for Lead Object is Private.
2. Profile -->Object Settings -> Read,Create,Edit.
As the Lead OWD is private, sales Reps are able to view the leads owned by them.
So I have created a Lead Sharing Rule.
With the above settings,  Sales Reps are able to view other sales reps leads, but they are able to edit the lead fields they don't own. Is any setting I am missing?.

If I change the Profile Object Settings -> Read,Create, then Actual Owner of Lead is not able to edit the fields.
Appreciated your help.

Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Naren,

Don't share the records with Read/Write Access. And also don't change the Object acccess in Profile.

Edit the newly created sharing rule --> In the Lead Access choose the value as Read Only. Please refer the below screenshot.

User-added image.

Thanks Maharajan for the reply.
I already created the LeadShare with Read Only Access.
one mistake I have done, that i didn't tested properly.
by having the Pen icon, i thought they have the write access, but when i try to change and save, then i am getting insufficient privilages error.

User-added image