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Harsharndeep Dhillon 2Harsharndeep Dhillon 2 

Copy Field Text from one field and append to another field

Hello, Team.
I have two fields on Task Object. One is procssing notes (Text Area 255) and Another is Comments (Long Text Area)

I want to come up with a process where a user add a processing note, i want to cut the text in the Processing Note field and Append it to the Comment field with a date and time stamp. This field shoud be read only.

Any help would be appreciated!

Team  CodEngine.inTeam CodEngine.in
As you got to append the field we cannot do it using workflow field update,

1. maybe you have to go for a trigger for this requirement. 
2. use process builder and call apex from the process builder to update the record 
3. also you can use auto launched flow within process builder to achieve this requirement  

Naveen K N
Harsharndeep Dhillon 2Harsharndeep Dhillon 2
Could you please help me with this as I never tried my hand on apex. It will help me to understand better. Thank you