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Spencer WidmanSpencer Widman 

Email Service to Parse CSV and bulk update contact list matched with Contact ID

I have posted a similar question in the past.  I have since made progress and can get the example apex belwo to work perfectly.  I borrowed some knowledge from: 

https://www.salesforcezone.co.nz/2015/05/email-service-to-parse-csv.html?m=1 (https://www.salesforcezone.co.nz/2015/05/email-service-to-parse-csv.html?m=1)

It works exactly as advertised.  The difference in my use case is I have a list of contacts in a .csv file that I receive weekly.  The list has various contact fields as well as the salesforce contact ID's.  In addtion to the named salesforce fields it contains additional fields that will not be imported (I would like to ignore fields that I designate and only update the fields I specify).  I would like to utilize the salesforce ID to map or match the contacts and then perform an "update" on those contacts.  The example works great for "inserting" records but I have not found a good example or sample to backwards engineer and apply the update function to a list of contacts matched by the Contact ID.  Any details to accomplish this or a good example would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for the help!