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Rohit RadhakrishnanRohit Radhakrishnan 

Relationship Query on Exernal Object

What exactly does the statement mean? - Each SOQL query can have up to 4 joins across external objects and other types of objects.
I have 2 (A__x and B__x) external objects that are related to each other and one is a parent to a Case object.
Case has the External Lookup field a__c that has lookup to A__x
A__x has indirect lookup field b__c that has lookup to B__x
When I do {SELECT CaseNumber, a__c, A__r.b__c, a__r.b__r.Id FROM Case], i dont get the details from a__r.b__r.Id. However a callout id iniated as per the logs. Is this a limitation?
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47

Hi Rohit,

I think you made a mistake in your query which is I think you skipped the A__x custom relation at place a__r.b__r.Id. As you are directly trying to get the b__r from a__r. However, the approach should be like a__r.A__r.b__r.Id. So the overall query will be:

[SELECT CaseNumber, a__c, A__r.b__c, a__r.A__r.b__r.Id FROM Case];

Kindly try this way hope you'll get the result. If still not then feel free to discuss.


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