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Ken Koellner @ EngagewareKen Koellner @ Engageware 

When/How does Apex Hammer Run?

I read the documentation on Apex Hammer.  I find that there's just enough information not to be useful.

The high-level info on when and where it runs appears to be absent.  There's nothing about whether it is on or off in an org.  Nothing on how to actually get it to run in an org.  Does it run in Prod orgs, Sandbox orgs, Dev orgs?  How to tell if it's on in an org?  How to tell if it has run?  How to determine if there are results and if so, to get to those results?

Anyone know if that is documented anywhere or can fill in on the details.

I have already read the two documents below and to not see the answer to these questions in these documents.