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Paul SpeePaul Spee 

Activating Salesforce Developer Edition Issue

I signed up for the Salesforce Developer Edition and received an email with a link to activate it. Instead of getting a page enter my password, it instead directs me to the login page. I tried to reset the password and I receive a link by email, but clicking on the link displays a message that the link has expired after 24 hours or has already been used.

Any suggestions on how I can activate the account?
Raghu kattulaRaghu kattula
Try to create another account .this time fill the details same as before but on username name field try to give minor changes then again you will get the activation link and create password 
Paul SpeePaul Spee
Yes, I tried that. It creates a new instance and I get an e-mail with an activation link. It again does not allow me to enter a new password and goes straight to the login page.