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How score is calculated on Survey report after case closed

Hi Everyone,
I have created a report on survey response given by customers after case closed. Responses stored in the SURVEY QUESTION SCORES object. In this object there is a score field.
After draging of score field on report automatically scores were calculated for each question.
My questions are FIVE STAR rating type. After customer given rating the score taken as 33 and same question repeating with score 67. 
How the score calclulated as 33 and 67.Max customer can give upto 5 point. How 33 and 67 captured. 
My score field is standard one, not a formula field. For score 33 response count is ONE.(one customer one time). How 33 as score.
Same question repeated multiple times with different scores.

Please let me know HOW THE SCORE IS CALCULATING. please see below pic for reference.
User-added image