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rubel rana 6rubel rana 6 

system.debug in controller

Hello folks, sorry for very beginner question.
I am using many queries in controller using some variables in the query. So, I want to see actually, what looks like my query. I wrote like
system.debug('Query : ' + Query);
How can I see the value of Query  now from controller?

Sai PraveenSai Praveen (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Rubel,

Is the Query a varible in the controller. If so you will get the debug logs for that. Once you run the controller open the log file which is the latest one in the developer console and check the checkbox Debug only. You will be able to see it.

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rubel rana 6rubel rana 6
Hi @saipraveen, Thanks for your reply.
After refreshing the salesforce page, I get this log reports as you showed here. Then, I right click and go to open log. Their, I can see the debug values. But, I have 3-4 debug values ( system.debug) but, it shows only one value. Other values are not printed, why?