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Nessim SlimaniNessim Slimani 

OpenCTI, phone numbers hover labels mismatch


I'm using the opencti library and i'm currently having problems when hovering phone numbers, the label on hover is incorrect.

Indeed, when phone numbers are disabled with disableClickToDial(), the label is the following :


And when phone numbers are enabled with enableClickToDial(), the label is the following :


For now, the only option I found to solve the problem is to update the view with refreshView() with this piece of code while enabling/disabling click to dial :
refreshView: function() {
    sforce.opencti.refreshView({callback: (response) => {
            this.callback (response);

Then, the labels are correct but I have to refresh manually the view.

It seems that this is most likely a Salesforce bug, with the opencti library not refreshing correctly the labels. Is it the expected behavior ?
Can anyone confirm this is a salesforce bug ? If so, how can I create a ticket so that their dev solve this ?

And also, if anyone encountered this issue, how did you solve the problem ?

SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Nessim ,
I am using the Salesforce provided DemoAdapter for CTI and can see that the label changes when I enable ClickToDial without having to manually refresh.This does not seem to be a bug at salesforce end.

Recommend that you check with your CTI package provider (Worldline CTI?)

If this information helps, please mark the answer as best. Thank you
Nessim SlimaniNessim Slimani
Hi Swetha,
Thank you for your reply.
I also tried with DemoAdapter for CTI from the github (https://github.com/developerforce/open-cti-demo-adapter) and I have the same problem.
When I connect to the Open CTI Softphone, I am available and the label is not changes.

User-added image

Can you tell me how you did it?
Which version are you using?

Thank you