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Ken Koellner 7Ken Koellner 7 

export soql query build results in vscode

I tried SOQL Query Builder in VSCode and right now, I'm sticking with workbench until and unless I can solve a copy issues.

In workbench, I can highlight the output of a query, which is just HTML in a browser, and copy-and-paste it.  Works great, I get a table in a new email or Excel or whatever.  In SOQL-Builder in VSCode, I can find no way to copy and paste from the result area.

I've tried the two export buttons .csv and .json.  That would actually be less convenient, but they don't do anything.  I click them and nothing happens.  

Still waiting for a really good SOQL query tools but so far SOQL Query Builder in VSCode ain't it.

VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ken,

You can try using developer console.


Else check below tool.

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jam jakejam jake
Visual Studio SOQL Builder - Salesforce
Visual Studio SOQL Query Builder is a VS code extension from Salesforce which we can use to create and run SOQL inside VS code. Using Visual Studio SOQL Builder we can see actual results without doing any guesswork. And we can do export records in JSON or CSV format. So if we need to take data backup or data migration we can easily do that using this new extensions.
So today we will check how we can install this and use it.