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mukesh guptamukesh gupta 

Update row Item value on changeevnt

Hi All,

I need to update row item value on change event
<template for:each={selectedOlis} for:item="oli" for:index="index">
    <div key={oli.Id}>
        {oli.Name} &nbsp; {index}
        <lightning-input type= "string" data-index={index} label="Address" value={oli.address}
            placeholder="Quantity" onchange={handleListInputChange}>


//wheen user type then  update value={oli.address}

Please suggest
Watkins RobertWatkins Robert
In UiPath Studio, variables are used to store multiple types of data. Another key aspect of variables is that their value can change so that you can, for example, control how many times the body of a loop is executed.