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Ken Koellner 7Ken Koellner 7 

Is "Show my photo on publicly accessible pages" available in a User field?

When uploading a Chatter Photo, there is the option -- Show my photo on publicly accessible pages.

I see when uploading a photo that the field IsProfilePhotoActive is set to true.

I cannot find a field in User that represents the publicaly accessible option.  I see a field named IsExtIndicatorVisible but that does not appear to be it as I have that option on in my User and the field is still false.

Anyone know if that value is available or not in a field somewhere?

(Please answer if you know for sure and then I will vote your answer as best answer.  Please don't guess if not sure and then ask for vote for best answer.)
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ken,

'IsProfilePhotoActive' field is used to see whether a user has a profile photo(true) or not(false) and this field is not updateable.

Check below reference to more above IsProfilePhotoActive  and user object field properties


Ken Koellner 7Ken Koellner 7
I already know about the IsProfilePhotoActive field.  It turns out it's in one of the plethora of preference fields -USERPREFERENCESSHOWPROFILEPICTOGUESTUSERS.