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Display messages in LWC

Hello All,

I have a created a new QucikAction button and invoking LWC component which is performing some DML'S like Insert,update and delete.
 Quick Action button is available on all the child records and parent, the button should be only available for parent but as record type is same for both parent and child records i can't use different page layouts to hide the Quick action for child.
ex : Account A has child Account records 1,2,3 ect.
Account has lookup to another custom object , in my scenario Account A related  parent record type(Custom object) is not same  as child Account related parent.
So on click of Quick Action on child Account record,I need to verify the record type of parent and display error message(toast message) saying this record is not valid to perform DML's.

May I get any help! 

Thank you All.
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