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Foysal IqbalFoysal Iqbal 

struggling to integrate your website with salesforce backend ???

You have a nice website alredy setup. A lot of customer hitting your website everyday. You took the service from Salesforce to manage your customers. So every day you are inserting data into salesforce manually based on the data you are receiving from your website. Its a tedious job at this stage of technology evolution. Now the concept is human just enter data into the web only once in a life time no matter whether it is you or your customer, and all other integration, manipulation, analysis of data should be automatic.

I have completed couple of integration project on slaesforce with other websites (no matter what is the web language is) .
If you think you are smart enough to reduce your data handling time please let me know.

Foysal IqbalFoysal Iqbal
I have worked with Java, Apex, VisualForce, REST, SOAP, PHP, JSP, CMS