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Anthony Saienni 2Anthony Saienni 2 

ReRender causes loss of whitespace and carriage returns

I have a visualforce page that uses apex:pageblocks, apex:pageblocksections, and apex:pageblocksectionitems all wrapped in an apex:form tag.

Within one of the apex:pageblocksectionitems, I am displaying an apex:inputfield whose value is bound to a long text area field on the object. When the page loads, if I assign the long text area field a value from an action on the controller and then rerender the apex:inputfield, the value displays normally with carriage returns preserved and normal whitespace.  However, if I do some other action that rerenders the parent apex:form tag, all of a sudden the apex:inputfield value no longer displays with carriage returns on subsequent actions that only rerender the apex:inputfield.

Anyone have any ideas on why I'm getting this behavior?

sandeep madhavsandeep madhav

on rerender , controller method is asigning blank values chnage " " to ""

The blank space causing this issue