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Export Articles Getting Error to select Language pair

Good Morning,
Need help in exporting Knowledge Articles from one env to another env.
I tried the out of the box Export Articles for Translation but after first page of picking the Queue, in the second page,
I am not able to pick the languages.. I don't see the option of selecting the languages list.
So, I am getting the ERROR: "Please select source and target language pairs you want to export"

Kind regards

David ReesDavid Rees
I ran into this same issue recently.  When submitting the articles for translation you have to submit them to a translation queue instead of to a user.  Here are the steps required:
  1. From Article Management, click the checkboxes for each article you want to export
  2. Click Submit for Translation...
  3. Next to "Assign To", click Edit, change the assigned user for the required language to the language queue (a queue for Knowledge Article Version must exist in order to perform this step) 
  4. Click the checkbox for the language(s) you want to export, then click Ok
  5. Click Export Articles for Translation, then choose the queue previously selected in step 3, click Continue
  6. Note the source and target lanauge pairs are now available for selection