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Saveena ChandlaSaveena Chandla 

Show Invitees related list on custom event VF page

I am overriding new button functionality on standard Event object with custom VF page. I am able to create layout for Event fields and buttons.

But I am unable to add Invitees related list to this page. I am not sure from where this list is added to page, as it is not visible in the page layout or anywhere in salesforce.
Navee RahulNavee Rahul
Hi saveena,

you can directly query on the VF page
Select  Id, OwnerID, Owner.Name, Subject, ActivityDateTime, ActivityDate, 
        DurationInMinutes, StartDateTime, EndDateTime, Description,  WhatID, WhoID, 
        Who.Name   FROM Event where ID ='XXXX'

Let me know if its usefull.

D Naveen
Saveena ChandlaSaveena Chandla
Hi Navee,

This will return the existing Invitees list. But I want to show the complete list with Add Invitee button so that user can assign invitees to the event.