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Tiziana ZiesingTiziana Ziesing 


we are currently experiencing huge problems with tranferrin bookings from salesforce to our campus management system.
The error message in the interface says that we "do not have permission to access soap/core on this server".
See an example messaage here:

<title>403 Forbidden</title>
<p>You don't have permission to access /soap/core
on this server.</p>

Could someone help me to find out why this problem is appearing.
Maybe it has something to do with the following mail we received from sf a c ou ple of days ago? (see below)
As the case is very urgent any immeadiate help would be very much appreciated.

"We are reaching out to you as a customer of a Salesforce service.
Today, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) determined that the EU-US Safe Harbor Framework does not provide a valid legal basis for transfers of personal data from Europe to the U.S.
At Salesforce, trust is our #1 value and nothing is more important than the success of our customers and the privacy of our customers’ data.
In light of the ECJ’s decision regarding the EU-US Safe Harbor Framework, Salesforce is immediately making available a data processing addendum that incorporates the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses, commonly referred to as “model clauses.”
The addendum ensures customers may continue to validate transfers of personal data under EU data protection laws. Customers can access the data processing addendum with the model clauses here and should promptly complete, sign and return the addendum to dataprocessingaddendum@salesforce.com.
We continue to make your success our top priority. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ
Gordon EngelGordon Engel
The error message does not look like something Salesforce would generate.  Perhaps your campus management system is returning that error to Salesforce?

As far as I know the message about the ECJ is purely legal contract addendums, and does not change the functional behavior of Salesforce.