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Justin PorterJustin Porter 

How to import files with a .tm extension

Hey all,
Does anyone have any history or knowledge of files with a .tm extention? We receive these files with data from an organization, basically includes an association's account listing that I want to import/upsert into SF. I just can't seem to figure out how to open these files, or import them into excel. 

Any help would be appreciated... I have scoured the internet trying to find infomation on .tm file extentions, but continue to come up empty handed, and it's getting annoying.


Maggie LongshoreMaggie Longshore
Have you tried to open them in a text editor to see what type of format it is in? I use UltraEdit to open any file that I am not sure what it is.  If it is a binary file it will show the hex byte-codes and if it is a text file you can read what the format is. A binary file may indicate the file type in the first several bytes in ascii or unicode. If it is binary, there is a chance it is a compressed archive file - I would then attempt to view it with 7Zip to see if that's the case

You can always change the extension once you examine it if it contains csv or xml formatted text.

Check with the source of the data if that fails, they may have to provide it to you in a different format or give you a tool to load it.