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Using Flow to create records and set the Record Type

I would like to use Flow to create a record in a wizard-style, leading the user through individual questions with Screens ; and then the Record Type of the new record would be determined based upon the user's answers to the questions. I have customized the New button to be aimed to a VF page which is nothing but a reference to the Flow. However, when the New button is pressed it will prompt me with the Record Type choice before the Flow's Screens begin. 

Does anybody know of a way to get the Screens to come up before the user is prompted with a Record Type ? Is there a setting to 
Jayson Faderanga 14Jayson Faderanga 14
hi Zoom,

You just need to create everything on Visual Flow and create a button that reference to your flow.

Screen (Welcome screen or anything) > Screen again(Getting all the information, ask all the questions) > DECISION (the most important, record types will depend on this) > then Record Create (reference all the variables from the questions) 

That's how your element should go..


Isn't that what I'm already doing ? Like I was saying in my first post, my New button is aimed at a VF which is a reference to my Flow. The coding is this : 


<apex:page standardController="Lead">
  <flow:interview name="Create_Leads"/>

And the Flow it kicks off does what you're saying - SCREEN - DECISION - RECORD CREATE.

But whenever the New is pressed it prompts the user for the Record Type before starting the Flow.