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Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar 

Unable to complete Recruiting App exercises :(

I was cruising along so well on the Recruiting App.  Then came  Securing and Sharing Data (Chapter 7).  Exercise in that App requires creating many Users - CEO, VP Human Resources, VP Development etc.,  With just 2 licenses with Developer Edition, how does one every complete the App building?  Has anyone built the Recruiting App on the Developer Edition?
Yes. If you are using developer edition, you can still try out everything but need to assign profiles multiple times. See the screenshot

User-added image

Hope this helps
Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar
Hmm... the image says 'update the user's profile, permission sets, and whatever use case you're working on'..... update?  update to what?  May be I can try assinging users force.com (2 licenses) or salesforce platform (3 licenses).  Will that work?  Have you completed all the exercises of the Recruiter App?
Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar
@logontokartik I think I kind of understsand the process now; but seems like the process would be very tedious to log on as a user and then log off; and then log on like another user :(  But, thanks for your help!