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Billy LoBilly Lo 

Ugly wording on permission page

There is a permission page after community user login via mobile app which we created with native SF SDK. The wording "否允存取" in the permission page is very strange in Chinese locale. I don't understand the meaning of "否允存取" even I speak in Chinese for 30 years. Is there a way we can edit the wording or removing the page!? Actually our client owns the APP, the SF org and all member data so we don't need the permission page at all.
Is this on a profile permission?  On a permission set?  Do you know what the API/English name is for this field?  If it's a standard Salesforce option you won't be able to change the translation but it's probably worth filing something with Salesforce (or mentioning them on Twitter) to alert them of the poor translation.
Billy LoBilly Lo
It is just the big title at the page, not permission.  I switched the language to English and the text "Allow access?" was shown on the same position.  So I think  "否允存取?" should be equal to "Allow access?", although the wording is rarely used.

Is there any offical way to tell them?  I submitted a case to SF before but then he told me to come here...
I'm not suprised that they kicked you over to the forums.  Let's work on getting you all the information you need to present to them so that they can have it escalated internally as an error in their translation.
  1. What url is this occuring at?
  2. What should the translation be?
  3. Is this sufficient for the Chinese dialect that Salesforce supports?