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Patrick J WaplesPatrick J Waples 

Opportunity Product Schedule Automation

I'd like to automate the creation of the product schedule when an opportunity product is saved.  I think that I should be able to do this relatively easily with an APEX trigger this using the process builder...but I'm not a developer.  So it's also entirely possible that it's not easy.

Essentially I'd be taking a custom field "Net_Total_Amount__c" and dividing it evenly daily in between "Start_Date__c" and "End_Date__c".

 How difficult is something like this to set up?  Is the basic premise sound?
I built the similar functionality using the Apex Triggers fairly easily in the past. If you are not comfortable using Apex Triggers, you can definitely try Process Builder / Flow combination to create the schedules. When an Opportunity Line Item is inserted, you can fire a Process which will fire a Flow and create you the Prouct Schedule records.

Hi Logontokartik,
Is it possible to by using process builder only to automate product schedule?