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Sharing Setting

What is sharing Setting?
What is flow,Approval setting in salesforce
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Mecrin,

In Salesforce, you can control access to data at many different levels. For example, you can control the access your users have to objects with object permissions. Within objects, you can control the access users have to fields using field-level security. To control access to data at the record level, use sharing settings.

Organization-Wide Defaults

Your organization-wide default sharing settings give you a baseline level of access for each object and enable you to extend that level of access using hierarchies or sharing rules. For example, you can set the organization-wide default for leads to Private if you only want users to view and edit the leads they own. Then, you can create lead sharing rules to extend access of leads to particular users or groups.

Sharing Rules

Sharing rules represent the exceptions to your organization-wide default settings. If you have organization-wide sharing defaults of Public Read Only or Private, you can define rules that give additional users access to records they do not own. You can create sharing rules based on record owner or field values in the record.

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