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Russell baker 1Russell baker 1 

VF page with divide one textbox in 4 section like this

like this picture
Chandra Prakash PandeyChandra Prakash Pandey
Hi Russell,

It can be done easily....

User-added image

VF Page Code:
<table width="50%" border="2" style="border-collapse: collapse;padding:0px;">
            <apex:inputTextarea style="width:98%;" rows="20" value="{!txtContent1}"/> 
            <apex:inputTextarea style="width:98%;" rows="20" value="{!txtContent2}"/> 
            <apex:inputTextarea style="width:98%;" rows="20" value="{!txtContent3}"/> 
            <apex:inputTextarea style="width:98%;" rows="20" value="{!txtContent4}"/> 
<apex:commandButton value="Show Data" action="{!getFullContent}" reRender="lblDisplayContent"/> 
<apex:outputLabel id="lblDisplayContent" value="{!fullContent}"></apex:outputLabel>

Apex Code:
public string fullContent {get; set;} 
public string txtContent1 {get; set;} 
public string txtContent2 {get; set;} 
public string txtContent3 {get; set;} 
public string txtContent4 {get; set;} 

public void getFullContent() 
    fullContent = txtContent1 + ' ' + txtContent2 + ' ' + txtContent3 + ' ' + txtContent4; 

Now just click Show Data button on VF Page and you will get your desired concatenated content.

You can convert this entire code in a component shape also so that you can reuse the same on the multiple places.

Let me know if you need more help on this.

Chandra Prakash