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2,000 records are queried instead of 200,000 after Winter '16

Hi awesome people,

Our client has a mulesoft job using Bulk API. It queries first a total of 200,000 records and then hard deletes it. However starting Oct. 17, the maximum number of records being queried by the job is now only 2,000 though in MuleSoft it is still 200K. I'm suspecting it has something to do with the Winter '16 update last oct. 17 in AP1 instances. However I can't find any significant documentation supporting this theory as of now.

Can you shed some light here? Thanks!
Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav
That's interesting! Assuming you haven't changed anything (i.e. permissions, roles, or add/edit fields) on salesforce, this could be a change that they haven't documented yet or a bug. I'd raise a support case with all of the relevant details. 
If you do find out the answer, please post back here for reference.

Yes there's no change in any configuration in our side. I'm not sure if it's documented or I'm just not good at looking for things. I already raised Salesforce ticket for this one.