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Marcel dos SantosMarcel dos Santos 

Email alert when article is published

I want to send an email to Community Users when a Knowledge Article is published.

The only solution I found so far is to create a job to run from time to time and check if the article is published. If the article is published the job sends the email to the community users. Details: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/#!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_SEARCH_RESULT&id=906F00000009ANBIA2

Is there any other way to do it, without using that terrible workaround?

I tried to use the idea on this post:
It won't work because the workflow rule is not triggered when the article is published.

I tried also to check if I could use a trigger to send the emails when the article is published, but I can not create triggers in article objects.

What are the options? Is there a way to execute any action or call any apex code when an article is published?
Shashi PatowaryShashi Patowary
Hi Marcel,

It seems that WF works in case of certain article type.Please refer to SFDC help page (you haven't checked already)


Please post if you find any new information.

Marcel dos SantosMarcel dos Santos
Hi Shashi.

Actually I've checked that page before.

The last Note in the page pretty much sumarizes the restriction with workflows:

"When an article is published from the edit page, the article is first saved and then published. Workflow rules apply to the saved draft article but not the published article."

From what I tested so far, the work flow action is not excecuted when the article is published. If I edit the article and save it, the workflow rule will be executed and I'll get the email. If I click on "publish" in the edit page, nothing happens.