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Mark RootMark Root 

Flow Multi-Select Screen Caching

I have a flow that loops through a screen displaying a list of dynamic multi-select checkboxes.  Problem is, when the loop comes back around to display the next screens of options, the checkboxes are retained from the previously submitted screen.  Without adding another "blank" screen, which does at least clear the cached values, is there a way to clear the values programmatically?  I would think turning off the "Previous" button would do this automatically, but it doesn't.
Hi Mark,
   If you can, try adding your screen to a subflow.  When the subflow is initialized, it should reset the cache.  I have encountered this error for radio buttons under the same scenario and was told that would fix it.  

Hope that helps!
Mark RootMark Root
Nope, didn't work.  I tried putting the multi-select choice screen right before the subflow and then inside the subflow and the same caching occurred.

I believe this must be happening because the list of options is being generated by the same Dynamic Record Choice and, therefore, their values are retained on each pass of the loop.  I'm also thinking this may have something to do with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons which wouldn't work if the selected options were cleared out every time the user hit the screen.

The only workaround I can think of is to create a manual loop using decision elements that would lead to their own screen for each iteration of "the loop".  This would force the Dynamic Record Choice to be unique for each iteration of the loop and, therefore, the selected options would be independent from the previous screen.  What do you think?
Did you ever find an answer for this?  I can't get the radio buttons to clear their values between loops through the collection.