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How to invoke a static resource that contains zip files in the folder after referencing it on the VF page?

Hi Everyone,
i have folder that has zip files or image files and uploaded as a static resource and called it on the VF page as includescript value="
{!URLFOR($Resource.assets, 'assets/js/jquery-ui.custom.min.js')}"

".now how should i make it working, i mean how to invoke it.
The only zip should be the static resource itself.  You cannot have a zip inside a zip and reference that.  Is that what you are trying to do?  Or do you have a single zip file containing the javascript / images and you are trying to reference them?
Yes having a single zip file containing the javascript / images and i am trying to reference them.
Using the URLFOR and $Resource is the correct way to go.  Assuming that your folder structure is assets/js/jquery-ui.common.min.js inside of your zip.  Then you would just use them as you normally would.  For the javascript you could us a <script> tag on the page and call the expected jquery-ui methods.  Or for images you can use apex:image and use your URLFOR method.

Do the assets inside of your zip file load?  If you look at your browers' developer console do you get any errors?