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Harshavardhan MDHarshavardhan MD 

From Visual force Homepage component we are able to access the case list view buttons, case detail buttons etc.. through jquery? this is not permitted by salesforce after 'winter 16'

Hi All,

In one of our orgs we are able to access the 'list view buttons', Case detail page buttons etc.. from visualforce Home page component through jquery. As per 'winter 16' this privilage has been stopped from salesforce, when we try the same in our any other orgs the cross domain error is popping, this happens when we try to access the parent page buttons from Vf home page component. Could any one can explain what might be the reason for this or is there a special permission or provision from salesforce which is allowing this behavior, i couldn't makeout any help is highly appreciated

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
As error suggests, it's a cross domain issue and treated as a hack in other words. Is there anything you want which can't be done without using home page component. A little explaination would help.
Harshavardhan MDHarshavardhan MD
@ Ankit

consider this


here 'download_qis_queue' is a case list view button, we are trying to hide it based on some criteria from Vf homepage component.
The jquery has been written in VF page, and it has been added in to VF home page component. 

The above mentioned jquery works fine for one of our org which is in winter 16, but if you try the jquery in any other org which is in winter 16 cross domain error is coming.