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Kakasaheb EkshingeKakasaheb Ekshinge 

How to run lightning components..???

I have below code so I run this ...
<aura:component implements="force:appHostable">
    Enter three values:<br/>
    <ui:inputNumber aura:id="inputOne" label="Input One" /><br/>
    <ui:inputNumber aura:id="inputTwo" label="Input Two"/><br/>
    <ui:inputNumber aura:id="inputThree" label="Input Three"/><br/>
    <ui:button label="Calculate value" press="{!c.calculate}"/><br/>
    <ui:outputNumber aura:id="totalValue" value=""/>

*Controller is *
    calculate : function(component, event, helper) {
        var input1=component.find("inputOne").get("v.value");
        var input2=component.find("inputTwo").get("v.value");
        var input3=component.find("inputThree").get("v.value");
        var totalval=parseInt(input1)+parseInt(input2)-parseInt(input3);
        var outputval = component.find("totalValue");
        outputval.set("v.value", totalval);

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Himanshu ParasharHimanshu Parashar
You will create a new lighting application in developer console.

User-added image

and put following code in that

<aura:application >
      <!-- put your component name here in my example component name is Manage_User-->
       <c:Manage_User />

and after that click on preview button on the right

User-added image

Hope it will help you.