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Noor FazliNoor Fazli 

2 Way SSL Communication between Salesforce and third Party WebService

Hello System Integrators,

We are trying to achieve 2 way SSL Callout to third Party WebService. But getting the error "could not find client dev certificate :''certificate_Name" on Post.
What I have done so far;
1) Added third party site to remote site settings.
2) Uploaded third party Certificate (.cert) through mutual authentication certificate.
3) created global class with @future (callout=true) that set client Certificate Name defined in 2)

Not sure whats the issue here as I can see the Certificate under the list of certificate.

And you did sign the Salesfore generated SSL cert from your third party and uploaded the signed version into Salesforce?  And you are using the "unique name" to reference it in Apex?