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Mike SummittMike Summitt 

Create custom control with logic to include in VF page in managed package.

We have a managed package (Zuora Quotes) that includes some VF pages.  I'd like to add a picklist to one of their VF pages, but populate it using a select from another sObject in Apex code, and then save it to a custom lookup field in the object behind the page, also in Apex code.  Because the page is in a managed package, I can't access either the Apex code that runs before the page loads, or the Apex code that runs after the save button is clicked.

This sounds like a job for s-controls, but s-controls are deprecated.  What would be a viable strategy for accomplishing this, assuming the vendor is not going to cooperate and provide any extra hooks or interface points, or even documentation beyond what's available to all customers?
First of all you need to check that the component you are trying to change is locked or not. If it is locked you cant change that component for that you need to create new component adding your required features. 
Though most of the manage package component are locked you cant change only way is to create new component any use that isteat of manage package component. 

Hope that will work for you.
Mike SummittMike Summitt
Thanks for your reply.  The VF page will allow adding a picklist, so I think this means it's not locked.  But I need for my picklist to have special behavior defined in Apex code, and I cannot get at the page's controller, the code is hidden.