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Convert from ID to user object

I have following code:

List<user> TLSPuserlist=[Select id,Name,Email from User where UserRole.Name in:userRoles AND IsActive = true];
List<user> lst_TeamLead = new List<user>();       
 for(user u : TLSPuserlist)
  set<id> subord= new set<id>();            
  If(subord.size()>0 && subord!=NULL)
       for(Id id1 : subord)
             If(id1.Last_Edited_Object__c !=NULL && id1.Last_Edited_Object_Date__c > d || id1.Last_Activity_Type__c !=NULL &&    Last_Activity_Date__c > d) 

I am getting the following error:
Error: Compile Error: Variable does not exist: Last_Activity_Date__c at line 488 column 132

I have the field Last_Activity_Date__c  on User Object...
The subord for loop(  for(Id id1 : subord)  ) contains ids of all users...I need User usL subord kinda thing, so that i can do the logic and go ahead...How to achieve this..

Thanks in adv
Laxman Lax
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Alexander TsitsuraAlexander Tsitsura

You can query all needed users to map using subord set if ids.
Map<Id, User> usersMap = new Map<Id, User>([
  SELECT Id, Name, Last_Edited_Object__c, Last_Edited_Object_Date__c, Last_Activity_Type__c, Last_Activity_Date__c
    FROM User
   WHERE ID IN :subord

and the retrieve User from map in your for loop
User u = usersMap.get(id1);

and then use u.Last_Activity_Date__c insead of id1.Last_Activity_Date__c