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Jason OldJason Old 

How do I log into the developer edition?

Can anyone advise how I can login to the developer edition?
I can login to my production and sandboxes but not the developer
srlawr uksrlawr uk
A "developer edition" is totally seperate to your production/sandbox editions.. which are connected.

When you sign up for a developer edition (at https://developer.salesforce.com/signup) you set a new username (which must take the form of an e-mail address, but doesn't actually have to be an e-mail address.. sound familiar?)... and when you do this you do actually provide your e-mail address too.

This will get you an e-mail to login to your new Developer Edition using a link, and you can then set a password etc. and you are away, working in a new, clean - UNCONNECTED - developer edition.

The e-mail looks like this, so search your inbox for "Developer Edition Login" to find your welcome e-mail.

User-added image

There is no default "automated" way to migrate work from DEs to Sandboxes etc. they are totally stand alone (2 licence) orgs, with their own logins.

srlawr uksrlawr uk
Additional answering to say: When you are logging into a Developer edition it is at:


because they are a "live" version of salesforce, so not test.salesforce.com - which you use for sandboxes (it won't work from the wrong login screen)
Jason OldJason Old
Thanks All

I have now created a new username and can login