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Richard Jones 17Richard Jones 17 

Can I use quote as a standard controller?

When i use "quote" as a standard controller in a visual force page i get the error come up as:

Error: Quote does not exist

What am i doing wrong or can we not use quote as a standard controller?
James LoghryJames Loghry
Sure can.  Here's a Visualforce page I saved to make sure:
<apex:page standardController="Quote">

Make sure you have Quotes enabled on your org (Setup->Create->Quotes->Quote Settings) and that you're using the "standardController" attribute in the apex:page tag.
Richard Jones 17Richard Jones 17
We have quotes enabled and have tried your code but still cannot get the page to work. We have Professional edition. Would this make a difference?
Our menu settings are different. To get to quotes we go:
customize>quotes>quote settings. This is enabled.
Mario Ruiz 646Mario Ruiz 646
I have the same problem, but i get the errors wherever there is a &emsp;