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Salesforce Sr./Jr. Developer and Contractor/Architect Available Part-time

Hello Everyone,

My company deal in Salesforce customization, development, integration and implementation/designing.

Please let me know if you /company is looking for Salesforce Resources on Part-Time Remotely.

Salesforce Sr./Jr. Developer and Contractor/Architect Available Part-time.

Please contact privately..and send email abaranwal@kloudrac.com
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

Thank you for your post - hopefully one of our community members will reach out to you soon!
Idalina LucasIdalina Lucas
Hi there,

We are looking for a freelance salesforce developer to work with us on some projects, if you are still looking for work and would like to find out more, please email me at idalina.lucas@rb-a.org (mailto:idalina.lucas@rb-a.org). Thank you Idalina

i have already sent out one email from my email id...here is my skype id: amulbaranwal

and my blog


my linkedin profile

ready to work. let m know when can we syncup.