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Trigger to populate a Lookup when creating a record

Hi All,

I've created a trigger that pupulate the Account lookup field on my custom object.
As shown in figure, when I create a new custom object, my trigger do not write the Account:
User-added image

But when i press 'Save', the Account field is populated:

User-added image

I would like to pupulate the Account also in the first picture, when I create a new object.

Here's my code:
trigger afterPlanningTrigger on Pipeline__c (after insert) {

    for(Pipeline__c p: Trigger.new)
        List<Pipeline__c> pi = [select id, Account__c, Opportunity__r.Account.id,Opportunity__r.Owner.id from Pipeline__c where id=:p.id];
        pi[0].Account__c = pi[0].Opportunity__r.Account.id;
        pi[0].Opportunity_Owner__c = pi[0].Opportunity__r.Owner.id;
        update pi[0];

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William TranWilliam Tran
You can do that via URL hacking (not triggers).

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