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Hemant ChaudhariHemant Chaudhari 

Fee Details

I am new to salesforce and I am starting development in Salesforce and found that DE have limitations of 5mb for storage.

So which can edition can increase my limit?
Do i need to pay any fee for limitless edition? What is its cost?
Do i need to be a partner to buy increased limit?
What are different types of partner?

I have gone through most links but i guess they are scattered and no linkages with development edition
So can i get details in this thread instead of providing links to portals which i already have.

Thanks in Advance.

There is nothing you can do in a DE org to get this limit increased. You can see more about the costs for each edition here [1].  You can learn more about partners here [2] (will depend on what type of partner you are talking about).  You do not have to be a partner to use one of the other editions.  You can follow the links on the editions pricing page [1] to start a trial version of the edition you are looking to purchase.

[1] http://www.salesforce.com/crm/editions-pricing.jsp
[2] https://partners.salesforce.com/
Hemant ChaudhariHemant Chaudhari
Thanks for reply.
Just want to know will there be similar kind of Editions for Health Cloud? Can I start development for Health Cloud?

There are probably similar editions for Health Cloud, but it looks like you need to contact Salesforce directly for that [1].  It's unsuprising to me because of various restrictions to health providers (eg HIPPA) that they have a tighter hold on what you can try without contacting Salesforce first.

[1] http://www.salesforce.com/industries/healthcare/health-cloud/
Hemant, you can request a trial environment from Salesforce. If you are a partner, make sure to get into the pilot program and ask to use a pilot environment. Good Luck.
Hemant ChaudhariHemant Chaudhari
For Healthcloud trial, do i need to be a partner?
Or i can go ahead and email them for trial?

Hemant, I believe you need to be a partner to access the healtcloud pilot environment. As for a regular trial environment, you can request that separetly fom the Health Cloud Pilot.