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Need to Restricting to profile for the edit

HI Experts,

I have requirment there is profile 'ABC' this profile have object called 'Orgnisation' which contain Read , Edit, Create, view all permission for this profile,
my requirement is that there is picklist field called 'Orgnistaion_Type__c'. Now requirment is that if Orgnistaion_Type__c= 'supplier' then i need to provide Read and Edit access for the user ,if other than 'supplier' i need to provide Ready access only, if user  try to edit such record by the user i need to provide an error message.
Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani
This can be achieved by Validation rule where you will check the profileId and Orgnistaion_Type__c= 'supplier'
Here is a useful link for validation rules

Hi TheLearner ,

Organisation is the standard object ur talking about or any custom object you have created ? 
HI Manoj, 

Its custom object, could you help me please.
Hi Mudasir,

Could you tell me please, how to do that becase, once the user select the orgnisation type other than supplier it will allow to save but when he trying to edit it need to throw an error you cannot edit the record.