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Test Class Failing after deployment (Run all Successfull)

Hi Guys,
facing a wierd issue I just completed a deployment to a sandbox and completed the run all tests it validated sucesfully and deployment went fine as well post which I went to the UI and did a run all tests to check the coverage and Suprise Suprise one of the test classes is failing (too many SOQL) my question is how is it that this class did not fail when I did my validation and deployment but it started failing post deployment any help here is appreciated

Did you deploy any new trigger ??

it is possible see your run test settings, are they executing paralley or sysn 

 testLevel="RunLocalTests"  i just ran all the unmanaged tests from ANT so the classes which failed after the deployment ran succesfully during the deployment also I checked the Disable Parallel Apex Testing and ran the classes once agian with the same result
It is giving error To many SOQL and it passed at the time pf deployment but now it start failing 

so we are not 100% sure of such behaviour but we can invatigate 

where exactly it is failing is it a trigger ??
 now if you just try to simply deploy a dummy class and validate is test classes passing now or now it is failing for deployment also