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faultCode -1 Received doing a describe against lead

I got the following error when trying to call a describe call against a lead, please let me know how to get around this.

faultString: common.i18n.LabelNotFoundException: IniFile - val convertedAccount.name not found in section LeadEntity

I'm using apache axis, but I've done plenty of describe calls using the same classes, and have never received this error.

Hi Lou,

Are you doing a describe with the layout flag?  There used to be a bug in the 1.8 version of the API that caused a gack if you attempted to do a describe using the layout flag on a lead.  I believe that has been fixed in version 1.9 (current version).

If you are not using the layout flag or ARE using 1.9, then we will need to dig a little deeper and try to reproduce it independently.

I'm hitting version 1.9 with the display flag