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Ron HessRon Hess 

Web Integration Links change format in S3

well, the backwards compat feature (mentioned on this board), to support old style ".jsp" driven web integration links appears to be not working.

In the new release I've found most of my WIL's are returning the :

URL No Longer Exists
You have attempted to reach a URL that no longer exists on salesforce.com.
looks like I will be working on cleaning these up over the weekend after all...

I suspect there will be a few supprised administrators on monday morning.

Ron HessRon Hess

most of my WIL's are new types of cases, to support simple workflow, one department can "case" another dept using a new case link wihch fills in the type, subject, status, reason:

the change I made to fix my broken WIL links is :  "cases/caseedit.jsp"  ---> "500/e"

this link appears to be working now.


Salesforce.com development is aware of the issue and currently working on resolution.

More details as they become available, please stay tuned.


Ron HessRon Hess
thanks !
mike kreadenmike kreaden

If you are commercial user (PE or EE) of salesforce.com, please log a bug with support.

Also, please post the construct of the WIL which has broken (remove any sensitive info before doing so).




The fix has been rolled into production.  Please recheck your WIL's and open a bug with support if they do not work.  There was an issue with the URL mapping for some use cases (creating a new entity, like you were with cases).

The policy of the old style WIL's working for 60 days is still in effect, so two months from now if you have not switched to the new style URLs, you will start seeing the same error that you saw earlier today.

Thanks for your patience!


Ron, I don't understand how to fix the URL so that I don't get the "this page no longer exists" message.  My link looks like this:  https://na1.salesforce.com/00T/e?who_id={!Lead.Id}&retURL=%{!Lead.Id}&RecordType=0123000000004yf&cancelURL=%00Q3000000Em5Qh&ent=Task&00N30000001PGB4={!Lead.Address} - can you please help!!!  Thanks:)