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To query using the updated or deleted scope it says you need to have "replicate: access to the entity type.  How do you enable the Database Replication feature? Is it possible to do so under the developer edition?  Is it possible to do so through the API?



Hi Pawan,

I'm going to refer you to another thread that has covered this topic pretty well.




Thanks for the link, but I didn't seem to find what I was looking for.  When I query for items updated or deleted after a certain date

ret = (object[]) sForce.query(scope, type, macro.SFORCE_MAX_QUERY_ROWS, null, null, null, dateModified, false);

I get an exception saying that faultcode 1213 -  "replication not enabled for org".  In the API documentation it says that for query calls with the updated and deleted scopes, you need to have replication enabled for the organization.  How do I enable this property manually or through the API?  (API preferrably)



You cannot enable replication through the api.  The documentation is referring to functionality that is still beta and should not have been put in the documentation.  We currently are not supporting additional replication functionality.  You will have to get by with the last updated fields and what ever intelligent cacheing that you are doing.


Do you know when the official SalesForce Db-Replication application will be released?


The "official" sforce db replication will likely be available first half of '04.

Hi Dave,

I assume that the new replication feature will be made available in the 2.5 API as well?

Also, are you able at this time to provide any additional information (eg, documentation) about the upcoming replication features.  We're currently investigating ways of integrating our application with salesforce.com and this could be a feature that we would want to make use of.  Any additional information that can be provided will be really helpful to us in considering all the various integration approaches that are available.

Thanks in advance.


FWIW; if you are doing analytics, DB replication may be the best integration path. Otherwise, I'd likely use the standard/existing APIs.