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Question regarding IDs in the Weekly Export Service and SFDC Reports

Part of our methodology for loading data, de-duping data etc., has been to do a Data Export through the Weekly Export Service located in My Setup -> Organization Profile. This time I took a careful look at the IDs that are returned and noticed that they are all 15 characters which should be fine, however the first 3 characters of the 15 character IDs that are retrieved match the entity type code. So I'm a bit concerned that these IDs are being truncated at the tail end, rather then the front end. Here's an example:

The user id from the Export Service is:

While the matching 18 Character ID is:

We have noticed the same thing through the reporting interface.

Is this a problem, or is my understanding of the difference between the 15 and 18 character ID's wrong?

Hi Lou,

The 18 character ids have 3 extra characters on the right hand side of the id.  The first or left 15 characters are the same for 15 and 18 character ids.  The 3 extra characters are what provides the case-insensitive quality of the ID.  All ids should correctly start with the entity type code.  The service currently uses 15 character ids internally and, when case-safe ids are requested, adds the 3 characters on the right hand side of the id.  There is an algorithm published in these forums that explains how the characters are generated and will be the topic of a future technote.

If you don't need case-safe ids and you are not manipulating the ids in anyway, you should not be concerned.