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Custom Tab authentication problem

I have created a custom tab which is a URL pointing to my hosted application.  When I open the tab, I get my application's login screen, as expected.  After I login, my application takes me immediately back to my login page again instead of the requested page of the application.  The id/password is correct.  If I use the same URL in a separate browser (IE) window, it works fine. 
The application is ASP.Net 2.0.
Any idea why the authentication seems not to work when the application is loaded in a custom tab?
The web tab is an iframe, and i believe your service needs to declare some p3p stuff for the browser to preserve your session cookies. (search the forums for p3p)
Thanks, Simon!  That did the trick.
Just a random comment - Why are you making the user sign on again? Can't you store the unique salesforce.com userId in your application and then validate based on that. It is a much nicer user experience.
Thanks for the comment... I agree with you, and I plan to make the experience easier for the user.  I was just trying to get the basic functionality working at first.  The authentication issue will still be there if I use SF user id's so it wasn't a wasted effort.