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Need Help on Spring 08 pre-release testing!!

Hello Everyone,
I'm testing my existing solution with Spring 08 release (sand box) and so far everything is ok. I have a package which I want to install on the pre-release account. When I pass pre-release SF account and password it returns me an error saying 'Invalid user name and password'. I'm 100% sure that user name and password I'm typing is correct since I logged in twice with the same username & password. Does anyone knows why pre-release account login fails for custom package? I'm really stuck here.
P.S. I have tried Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce User and Free 30 days Trial User but none of them works with the pre-release account
Amit Suri

Message Edited by chessbase on 01-29-2008 08:59 AM
This may be no help at all but I had a similar problem in production and it turned out that now to install a package, you need to append your security token to your pw .. it might be worth a try.


Well I can connect sucessfully to Salesforce so token is not an issue here i believe. It's only the custom package which I want to install on the pre-release account. I got email y'day and this is one of pre-release limitation that external application/package cannot be installed on pre-release so it cannot be done.

But thanks anyways. And BTW you can bypass the security token by adding your IP address to Network Access, no need to append security token to your password.

Amit Suri