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Spring 08 APEX SandBox

My company has the ENTERPRISE SFDC edition .
I created a APEX sandbox but it's not the Spring 08 one :( Server url : http://cs1.salesforce.com ) It seems that it's the Winter 07 ...

Is there anyway to update it ?
Why don't I have the right to be at the http://tapp0.salesforce.com one ? This one has already the Spring 08 :'(

I'm in Europe and I have to wait to February 16 to have  ? I would like to create some packages ( not Appexchange packages ... the other ones ) But Don't have the SPRING 08 in my sandbox and I can not create it !

Anyone know someting about something about sandbox or spring 08 updates and how to do update it ?

Thank you very much

Message Edited by Mig on 02-06-2008 07:19 AM
I believe if you refreshed or created a new sandbox after January 23, 2008, then the sandbox will be on Winter '08.  The sandbox will be updated soon once Spring '08 goes live.  You may be able to request SFDC to move your sandbox to Spring '08?